Who We Are

Our Mission

“Bring together the neurosurgeons around the world to collectively address the unmet need for neurosurgical care.”

Guiding Principles for Global Neurosurgery

Global Neurosurgery Implementation e.g. training, equipment support

  • Strengthen local neurosurgical capacity
  • Improve equity
  • Promote financial risk protection
  • Integrate with national surgical strengthening plans
  • Empower the local neurosurgeons
  • Improve safety and quality of neurosurgical services
  • Avoid creating dependency
  • Abide by ethical principles
  • Be culturally sensitive
  • Ensure suitability for low-resource setting
  • Seek to collaborate and cooperate with other actors


Global Neurosurgery Sessions at meetings

  • Inclusion of the WFNS Global Neurosurgery Framework and Action Plan
  • Greater than 50% of speakers from LMICs
  • Encourage gender equity
  • Maximize attendance from LMICs

Global Neurosurgery Research

  • If using primary data from LMIC then authorship should be greater than 50% from the relevant region.
  • Ensure access and dissemination to LMIC readership
  • Incorporate LMIC research capacity building
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