Global Neurosurgery Committee

The Bogota Declaration on Global Neurosurgery

On December 9, 2016, the following document was presented to Dr. Walter Johnson of the World Health Organization in Bogota, Colombia.

  1. In 2015 the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery reported that 5 billion people currently lack access to safe, affordable, and timely surgical care when needed and that up to “5 million additional surgeries are needed each year to save lives and prevent disability.”

  2. Most of the unmet need is in low- and middle-income countries.

  3. A preliminary assessment of the unmet neurosurgical care is alarming:

    • World Bank estimates in Sub-Saharan Africa show that currently only 11.8% of neurosurgical demand is being met and an additional 1.3 million neurosurgical procedures are needed annually.

    • The current neurosurgical workforce for Africa represents, at most, 5% of expected number of 1 neurosurgeon per 100,000.

    • Only 42% of African countries and 75% of Latin America offer in-country training of neurosurgeons.

  4. We affirm the inherent responsibility for providing neurosurgical care to all who need it lies with the global community of neurosurgeons.

We therefore hereby declare Global Neurosurgery as the collective and unified effort in improving all aspects of neurosurgical care whenever and wherever it is needed.

We call on the neurosurgeons as well as their professional societies of the world and related stakeholders to take urgent coordinated action to lead and address the unmet global neurosurgical need.


From Left to Right: Andres Rubiano, Meena Cherian (Vice-Minister of Health of Colombia), Enrique Osorio, Franco Servadei, Andrew Maas, Water Johnson, and Kee Park




We ask neurosurgeons and related stakeholders in delivering neurosurgical care to support this declaration by signing your names HERE. Please include your institution if appropriate.


  • Kee B. Park
    Program in Global Surgery and Social Change, Harvard Medical School (USA)

  • Mojgan Hodaie
    NEURON project, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto (CANADA)

  • Enrique Osorio-Fonseca
    President of the Colombian Association of Neurosurgery, Chair, Spine Chapter, WFNS (COLOMBIA)

  • Andrés M Rubiano
    President, Colombian Trauma Association, Vice Chair, Neurotrauma Chapter FLANC (COLOMBIA)

  • Benjamin Warf
    Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School (USA)

  • Michael Dewan
    Vanderbilt University (USA)

  • Kyoung-Suok Cho
    The Catholic University of Korea, President, Asiana-Oceana Neurotrauma Society (REPUBLIC OF KOREA)

  • Maria F. Jimenez 
    Vice President, Colombian Association of Surgery, Chair, XIV Region, COT-ACS (COLOMBIA)

  • Peter Reilly 
    Royal Adelaide Hospital, Neurotrauma Committee, Asian Australasian Congress of Neurological Surgeons(AUSTRALIA)

  • Jeffrey V. Rosenfeld 
    The Alfred Hospital, The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons(AUSTRALIA)

  • Nancy Carney 
    Scientist & Professor, Oregon Health Sciences University (USA)

  • David Adelson
    Director, Barrow Neurosciences Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (USA)

  • Jorge Arango 
    Scientist, Barrow Neurosciences Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (USA)

  • Meena Cherian 
    Professor of Anesthesiology, Christian Medical College (INDIA)

  • Juan C. Puyana
    Director, Global Health Office at Surgery Department – UPMC (USA)

  • Gene Bolles
    Professor of Neurosurgery, Denver Medical Center – Co-Chair, Ethics & Legal Committee WFNS (USA)
  • Tariq Khan
    Professor of Neurosurgery (PAKISTAN)

  • Iv Vycheth 
    Neurosurgeon, Preah Kossamak Hospital (CAMBODIA)

  • Jeffrey V. Rosenfeld 
    Neurosurgeon, Director Monash Institue of Medical Engineering (AUSTRALIA)

  • Gail Rosseau

  • Abbas Rattani 
    Meharry Medical College (USA)

  • Ya-Ching Hung 
    National Yang Ming University (TAIWAN)

  • Maria Punchak
    University of California-Los Angeles (USA)

  • Craig Rabb
    Oklahoma University Medical Center (USA)

  • Zahir Omer
    Erbil Teaching Hospital (IRAQ)

  • Mohamed Arnaout
    Zagazig University Hospital (EGYPT)

  • Calvin Mak
    Queen Elizabeth Hospital(HONG KONG)

  • Luis Moscote
    Clínica Universitaria de Puerto Montt (CHILE)

  • Juan Sahuquillo
    Vall d’Hebron University Hospital (SPAIN)

  • Sang-Ryong Jeon
    Asan Medical Center(REPUBLIC OF KOREA)

  • Jack Rock
    Henry Ford Hospital, Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery (USA)

  • Alfio Spina

  • Sonal Sachdev
    University of New South Wales (AUSTRALIA)

  • Antony Thomas
    University of Witwatersrand (SOUTH AFRICA)

  • Ximena Rodrigues
    AO Neuro(USA)

  • Russell J. Andrews 
    Neurosurgeon, Newsletter Editor, WFNS (USA)
  • Arundhati Biswas

  • Stephanie Wolahan
    UCLA (USA)

  • Amos Olufemi Adeleye
    University of Ibadan (NIGERIA)

  • Becket Arguello

  • Francisco Alberto Vilegas Lopez
    Hospital Juárez de México (MEXICO)

  • Isabelle Pelissou-Guyotat
    Hospices civils de Lyon (FRANCE)

  • Richard Edwards
    Bristol Royal Hospital for Children(UNITED KINGDOM)

  • Thomas Pieters
    Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester (USA)

  • Angelos G. Kolias
    Clinical Lecturer in Neurosurgery, Addenbrooke’s Hospital & University of Cambridge (UNITED KINGDOM)

  • Sophie Peeters
    UT Southwestern Medical Center (USA)

  • Rabee Elfeed
    Elribat University Hospital (SUDAN)

  • Christian Matula
    Medical University of Vienna (AUSTRIA)

  • Aliyu Baba Ndajiwo
    Windsor University School of Medicine, St. kitts (NIGERIA)

  • Sara Venturini
    University of Leicester Medical School (UNITED KINGDOM)

  • Zulfiquar Ahmed

  • Ahmed Balfaqih
    King AbdulAziz Medical City, Riyadh. (SAUDI ARABIA)

  • Niranjana Rajagopal

  • Shalinder Aul

  • David Clark
    Academic Clinical Fellow in Neurosurgery, Division of Neurosurgery, University of Cambridge.

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