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We commit to achieving these targets by August 2021 to report at the World Congress of Neurosurgery, Bogotá, Colombia.


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The Global Action Plan:

I. To AMPLIFY access to neurosurgical care.

a. Track global neurosurgical workforce.

b. Increase the number of training programs.

c. Ensure availability of fit-for-purpose basic neurosurgical instrument sets.

d. Ensure financial risk protection from neurosurgical procedures.

III. To ADVANCE relevant research, especially from authors in LMICs.

a. Map research output by region and themes.

b. Establish Global Neurosurgery research grant and/or award mechanisms.

c. Advocate for Global Neurosurgery category/sections in major neurosurgery journals.

d. Establish funding mechanisms for training in future leaders in the public health practice of Global Neurosurgery.

e. Inclusion of Global Neurosurgery Sessions in major neurosurgery meetings.

f. Establish mentoring relationship between authors from HIC and LMICs.

II. To ALIGN all global neurosurgery activity.

a. Create platform for communicating, reporting, and dissemination.

b. Create an interactive platform to match needs and opportunities.

c. Adoption of a neurosurgery action plan.

d. Coordinate the development of strategic plans for quality neurosurgical services.



IV. To ASSIMILATE neurosurgical capacity building into surgical systems.

a. Participation by neurosurgeons in National Surgical Strengthening Processes.

b. Participation by neurosurgeons in major global surgery conferences.

V. To ADVOCATE for (neuro)surgical care within Universal Health Coverage.

a. Participation by neurosurgeons in global surgery advocacy events.

b. Work with industry partners for a shared vision. Meet with major industry partners.

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