Global Neurosurgery Network



The burden of Neurosurgical diseases is enormous. The Global Neurosurgery Initiative aims to improve access to safe neurosurgical care for all who need it, whenever and wherever. There’s a need to create a Global Neurosurgery Network (GNN) comprising of students, residents, surgeons, and researchers interested in promoting Global Neurosurgery within the Global Surgery Community and beyond. The overall purpose of the GNN would be to effectively promote Global Neurosurgery by creating a platform to facilitate the sharing of information and encourage advocacy, research and education.


The specific objectives of the GNN are to:
– Create a global hub that serves as a platform for advocacy, partnerships and communication between students, residents, surgeons, researchers, global surgery enthusiasts and surgical organizations and societies around the world.

– Provide a platform to post published/unpublished abstracts, papers, Op-Eds, articles, and stories,

– Provide a platform to share quality neurosurgical educational content

– Provide a platform to share global neurosurgical training and scholarship opportunities.

– Encourage the exchange of ideas and information regarding current and potential global neurosurgery activities and projects.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re have any questions or ideas. We would be glad to hear from you. You can check out the links below to get more information.