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Incision— The Present and Future of Global Surgery

The report published by the Lancet commission on global surgery (LCoGS) in 2015 which revealed that 5 billion people globally lack access to safe surgical and anesthesia care changed the perspective of Global health. Following that, the World Health Organization (WHO) in the 68th World Health Assembly adopted a resolution (WHA68.15) “Strengthening Emergency and Essential Surgical and Anesthesia Care as a component of universal health coverage (UHC)”. The resolution encouraged member states to put more attention in improving surgical and anesthesia care especially in developing countries.

The global surgery movement has been gaining a lot of attention of lately and the community has been growing. Several organizations have been established and important and strategic partnerships have been formed to further improve access to safe surgical care in all possible ways to those who need it the most.

One of such organizations is Incision – The International student surgical network, which is a new organization solely run by highly motivated medical students, residents and doctors around the world. It is a global network of medical students and young doctors advocating for, educating on and performing research in the field of Global Surgery. The Incision team is comprised of 40 members from over 30 countries. Some members of incision were involved in collecting and analyzing the 2016 World Development Index (WDI) surgical indicators for the World Bank with support from institutions such as the WHO, Kings College London and Harvard Medical School Program for Global Surgery and Social Change (PGSSC).


In November 2017, Incision in partnership with other organizations successfully organized the first ever Global Neurosurgery conference in Morocco where notable Global surgery leaders like Dr. Walt Johnson (Neurosurgeon & WHO lead on Emergency and Essential Surgical care), Dr. Kee Park (Neurosurgeon & Paul Farmer Global Surgery Scholar) and other prominent individuals around the world gave various enlightening lectures on the field of Global Surgery.


That not being enough, incision will also partake in several important global surgery events this year.
Three of the events will take place this month (March).


The first event Incision will be involved in will be on March 6th/7th in Milan, Italy. The event titled “Surgical Equity: A challenge of our era”, and hosted by Nesta, will bring experts like Amb. Neil Parsan (President of The G4 Alliance), Tom Weiser (Associate Professor of Surgery, Stanford University), Emmanuel Makasa (Global Surgery Advocate and Consultant) and other important stakeholders together.

This event will hold workshops on:
• Postoperative Infections
• Safe Anesthetic Care
• Blood Banking and Transfusions
• Operating Theatre Technologies.


For more information on the first event “Surgical Equity: A challenge of our era”, visit the website at


The second event will be on the 9th of March 2018. Incision’s National Working Group in the USA, The Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA) will be organizing the second annual Global Surgery symposium in Houston. The previous global surgery symposium successfully organized by the GSSA was in Boston in March 2017.
The upcoming global surgery symposium in Houston is part of the Houston Global Health Collaborative (HGHC) conference titled GLOCAL. The event will feature prominent leaders in the field of global surgery like Dr. Ray Price who will be the Keynote speaker. The panel sessions will include:
• Sub-Specialties in Global Surgery
• Capacity-Building
• Pathways to Global Surgery Panel featuring the residents in Baylor College of Medicine (BCM).


For more Information on the event and prominent speakers visit


The third and final event Incision will be involved with this month will be on March 15th at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) Global Surgery Satellite Session in New York. The CUGH satellite session on Disparities in Global Surgery: Building Systems and Networks through Collaboration will shed more light on several Global Surgery topics like:
• The Surgery Ecosystem in Global Health
• Surgery around the World: The Regional Context
• Transitioning from Trauma/Disaster Response toward Sustainable Surgical Care
• What’s Missing?
• Technology, Innovation and Research in Global Surgery


For more information on the CUGH 2018 Satellite Session please visit


And also In May 2018, Incision will be organizing another international Global Surgery Symposium (IGSS) in the beautiful city of Leuven, Belgium. The speakers will be from 5 continents and attendees are expected from over 30 countries. It is going to be big and you can’t afford to miss out.


Incision is also aiming for equity on all levels so that individuals from developing countries can attend the symposium.
Help Incision with travel scholarships for Low and Middle Income Country (LMIC) applicants by donating here

For more information on IGSS2018 watch this clip:

And also follow the event on twitter @IGSS_2018


The Global surgery community is louder than ever and this is just the beginning. Incision is playing an important role in involving the surgeons of the future. Everyone is encouraged to attend any of the conferences and symposiums.
And those who won’t be able to attend, a livestream link will be available and be shared with you all, and you can always keep up to date on various global surgery activities on social media by following these twitter accounts bellow:



Thank you!

Dr. Aliyu Ndajiwo.
Incision Advocacy Team Member.
Twitter: @AliyuNdajiwo

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