Guiding Principles for Global Neurosurgery Activities.

Global Neurosurgery Implementation e.g. training, equipment support

• Strengthen local neurosurgical capacity

• Improve equity

• Promote financial risk protection

• Integrate with national surgical strengthening plans

• Empower the local neurosurgeons

• Improve safety and quality of neurosurgical services

• Avoid creating dependency

• Abide by ethical principles

• Be culturally sensitive

• Ensure suitability for low-resource setting

• Seek to collaborate and cooperate with other actors


For Global Neurosurgery Sessions at meetings

• Inclusion of the WFNS Global Neurosurgery Framework and Action Plan

• At least 50% of speakers from LMICs

• Encourage gender equity

• Maximize attendance from LMICs


For Global Neurosurgery Research

• If using primary data from LMIC then research should have at least 50% of authors from the relevant region

• Ensure access and dissemination to LMIC readership

• Incorporate LMIC research capacity building

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