Global Surgery

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Global Neurosurgery

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Neurosurgery in Low Resource Settings

Indian Guidelines for Traumatic Brain Injury

Neurosurgical Society of Australasia Guidelines for Head and Spinal Injuries in Rural and Remote Locations

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, Columbia

Spinal Implants in Resource-Limited Settings: “Keep It Simple”

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DUKE Global Neurosurgery and Neurosciences Division Publications

A prospective registry evaluating the epidemiology and clinical care of Traumatic Brain Injury patients presenting to a Regional Referral Hospital in Moshi, Tanzania: challenges and the way forward

 Building Neurosurgical capacity in low and middle income countries

Hatef_Central Nervous System Tumor Distribution at a Tertiary Referral Center in Uganda

Distribution and characteristics of severe traumatic brain injury at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Uganda.

Haglund_Burden of Surgical Conditions in Uganda- Pilot Study of a Population-Based Survey in Wakiso District, Uganda. 

Fuller_Surgeons OverSeas Assessment of Surgical Need (SOSAS) Uganda- update for household survey


Staton_1. Road Traffic Injury Prevention Initiatives- a systematic review and metasummary of effectiveness in low and middle income countries

Staton_High Road Utilizers Surveys Compared to Police Data for Road Traffic Crash Hotspot Localization in Rwanda and Sri Lanka





ACNS Disaster Response Overview Global Surgery Portion

Dr Mingchu Li – Neurosurgery in Less Developed Ares of China

Dr V.D. Sinha – Guidelines for Prehospital Care in Low Income Countries

Dr Iv Vycheth – Current Status of Cambodian Society of Neurosurgery

Dr Gilberto Leung – Pre-hospital Neurotrauma Care in Hong Kong

Dr Eiichi Suehiro – Evidence Based Guidelines for Prehospital and Acute Hospital Care in Japan

Dr Nobhojit Roy – Current State of Surgical Care in LMICs

Dr Eric Guazzo – Pre-hospital Guidelines for Neurotrauma in Rural and Remote Australia – Broader Applications?

Dr Chaiwit Thanapaisal – Pre-hospital and Emergency Care of Neurosurgical Care in Thailand

Dr Dong Keun Hyun – Management of Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) in Developing Countries Without ICP Monitoring

Dr Kim Savuon – Current Status of Health Care System, Cambodia Perspective

Dr Eric Guazzo – Developing Guidelines for Developing Countries

Dr Neak Saroeun – Kampot Provincial Referral Hospital, General Information

Dr Nobhojit Roy – The National Surgical Forums, Putting the Plan Into Action

Dr Leonard Hattaway – MTI Cambodia EMS Project

Dr Walter Johnson – Emergency and Essential Surgical Care Programme 2016 WHA 68.15: background, genesis, mandates, implementation

Dr Sang Ryong Jeon – Cervical Spinal Injury – Initial Assessment and Guidelines